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Number 71

  • $350.00
Jaime Keiter’s ceramic sculptures are collaged from individually handcrafted and glazed porcelain tiles. The process begins with cutting geometric and organic shapes from porcelain slabs, underglazing patterns and textures, then finishing each tile with a variety of different mid-fire glazes, including copper washes, turquoise, creamy pastels, and bold primaries. These elements are then collaged together to create the sculptures. The works are inspired by the Bauhaus art of 1920’s Pre-War Germany and the Postmodern Memphis design movement of the 1980’s. Keiter is interested in the intersection of fine art and craft present in both of these movements, an intersection that combines to make functional and non-functional design objects.

+ Measurements provided are from the height from the tallest point in each piece, and the width at the widest point.
+ Each sculpture is an original, handmade artwork and varies slightly—something we particularly love about these pieces!
+ All orders for this edition are final sale and not eligible for discount or return.

Hand-crafted porcelain tile