She Sips Tea with Scones

by Yen Ha

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Artist Statement

Shaped by constraints of time and space, I am interested in the cumulative nature of small-scale makings. Moving between drawing and writing, I take objects we encounter in the course of our ordinary lives and immortalize those interactions into lasting images and landscapes of possibility. Defined by the physical space within which it is created, namely my dining room table, I work to remind us that the art of creation can be found in fragments of stolen time. Like an artist whose life is as much a work of art as his/her art itself, my work is inextricably tied to my life as an immigrant, a practicing architect, a woman and a mother.

The “She Is” series draws from my fascination with the fragility of nature intertwined with a love for man made tools. Taken as a body of work, the series comments on the multifaceted nature of women and the surety that we are as complex and varied as the intricate nature of the drawings themselves.

Why We Love It

"Using paint pen on the rich blue surface of Canson’s Mi-Tientes paper, these drawings are abstract, organic works with edgy surprises embedded amid their ornamentation. A flower’s petals fold outward, as if inviting us into the scalloped, almost mathematical curves around its margins. That is indeed a medieval mace—spikey, with its chain trailing through the confines of the image's edge—that you see in another drawing. Working at her dining table during moments stolen from an already astonishingly full life, Yen alternates between drawing and poetry, exploring and intertwining the seemingly incongruous. In the world she weaves, the feminine includes (and sometimes engulfs) the hard edges of the manmade, and nature’s forms unlock a new world of abstraction and possibility" ... More from Jen Bekman on the blog!


+ Drawing measures 11"x8.5".
+ Each drawing in the She Is series is an original, one-of-a-kind artwork. View all the drawings in the series here.
+ Handcrafted custom-framing is available.
+ This artwork is final sale and not eligible for discount or return.


Paint pen on Canson Mi-Tientes drawing paper.

Yen Ha

Yen is an architect, artist and writer. Born in Saigon, she lives in New York City, where she co-founded an architecture firm, Front Studio. She has an architectural degree from Carnegie Mellon University and a graduate degree from L’École d’Architecture in Paris. Her short stories appear in Waxwing, Crack the Spine and Hypertext. Yen has been awarded residencies by the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, MASS MoCA, the Arctic Circle and Trestle Art Space.  Her sold out series She Is, an original collection of drawings, debuted with 20x200 in 2019 and most recently Yen’s work was featured on a... Read More
full-size billboard in New York City as part of the Asians Belong Here public art campaign.
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