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Insta-Gratification: 12 Artists To Follow Right Now!

Is your Instagram feed feelin' heavy on the selfies and vacation snaps, but just a tad light on inspiration? We got this: twelve 20x200 artists offering peeks at studios, work-in-progress, creative process, inspiration and often personal slices of their day-to-day. (And, hey, we've got a feed too!)

1. Paul Octavious
The obvs choice and the artist you most likely already follow. 500k followers can't be wrong. His Pantone swatch scavenger hunt (meme alert!) is just the tip of the iceberg.

View Paul's 20x200 Editions »

2. Jason Polan
You're down with his drawing, but have you seen what this guy does with fruit? Jason's feed gives up the goods on a bewildering number of projects, fascinations, and peeks into his day.

View Jason's 20x200 Editions »

3. Tod Seelie
Hot on the heels of his coverage of FYF Fest in LA, this summer Tod took to the road, sending us scads of squares full of vivid vintage signs and novelty scuplture from Route 66. 

View Tod's 20x200 Editions »

4. Lisa Congdon
When this creative supernova isn't lettering, illustrating, painting commissions, or writing books, she's sewing dresses made from her own fabric. And she's got cute fur-kids. 

View Lisa's 20x200 Editions »

5. Landon Nordeman
You'll kick yerself with a Marc Jacobs wedge for missing his behind-the-scenes Fashion Week coverage. Clothes. Color. Celebs. It's on NOW!

View Landon's 20x200 Editions »

6. Wendy MacNaughton
We love Wendy's frequent reports in pen & ink—whether it's chronicling the people and stories of SF, glimpses into her process or missives from the road. 

View Lisa's 20x200 Editions »

7. Ky Anderson
Ky's instagram feed is the equivalent of an open invitation to her studio. It's mostly about the gorgeous work and getting that backstage pass to her creative process and progress.

View Ky's 20x200 Editions

8. Jane Mount
While Jane's feed has plenty o' work in progress, the fun here is seeing Jane chronicle the art of everyday life as a NY > Napa transplant. Flora, fauna, food, fun.

View Jane's 20x200 Editions

9. Mark Marchesi
Do you believe windows are the eyes into a house's soul? Then you'll love this self-styled "house portrait creator's" journal that is heavy on houses with character.

View Mark's 20x200 Editions »

10. Jorge Colombo
Although he's best known for his iPhone finger paintings, you'll spy an entirely different facet of Jorge's work here in his ongoing series of warm, glow-y black and white photos of city life. Follow Jorge's illustration work on his OTHER instagram feed @thejorgecolombo.

View Jorge's 20x200 Editions »

11. Sharon Montrose
Baby animals! 'Nuf said. But, seriously, this feed offers the whole enchilada: studio views, Sharon's art in the wild, inspiration and picture postcards from her day (which appears to be chock full of gorgeous textiles and adorable rescue pups).

View Sharon's 20x200 Editions »

12. William Wegman
Speaking of puppies... The feed of this pioneer video artist, conceptualist, photographer, painter and writer delivers the creative goods, but Wegman and his team also know you want to see what life is like living with a wacky pack of Weimaraners. Rest assured, Flo and friends ham it up in the studio and on retreat in Maine.

View William Wegman's 20x200 Editions »

PS: Follow the 20x200 Instagram feed for a slew of artwork, exhibitions, occasional office hijinks and upcoming sweepstakes.