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10 More Artists You Should Follow on Instagram (+4 Bonus FOO's!)

Turns out you guys were starved for Instagram inspiration and clamored for more! We aim to please this weekend with ten more can't-miss 20x200 artist feeds PLUS four FOO's (Friends of Ours) that keep our "Like" thumb double-pumpin' on a regular basis. (And well, ya know, you can follow us too!)

1. Youngna Park
Part of the JBP fam since way back in 2005, these days Youngna is also building amazing kids' apps as a Head of Product at Tinybop. (Started by Raul, another beloved 20x200 cofounder/alum!) Youngna shares her multi-faceted creativity in her popular feed...

View Youngna's 20x200 Editions »

2. Daniel Seung Lee
Whether he's on set for a commercial shoot, trotting the globe or sharing portraits from a recent creative retreat, you can count on Daniel to boost the "beautiful people in beautiful places" quotient of your Instagram feed. We know we do.

View Daniel's 20x200 Editions »

3. Martha Rich
In drawing whimsical creatures on the pages of her sketchbook, painting commissions, and sizing up her adorbs Philly studio—Martha paints a pretty compelling vision of what an artist's life can be. 

View Martha's 20x200 Editions »

4. Mike Monteiro
Chances are you're familiar with Mike: He's the cofounder of a design studio. He writes books about the business of design. He makes wry, straight-talkin' art. He also fawns over his dog Rupert, who he refers to by a profane pet name that makes us giggle. 

View Mike's 20x200 Editions »

5. Austin Kleon
"I'm a writer who draws. I make art with words and books with pictures." Tap into his feed for blackout art, sketching, and more polychromatic scenes of domestic life.

6. Jennifer Sanchez
This prolific NYC artist will pack your feed with multi-layered, mood-elevating art and process pics as well as occasional snaps of a particularly compelling exhibit she's seen.

View Jennifer's 20x200 Editions »

7. Bahar Yurukoglu
Your eyes will feast on neon and plexiglass punctuated by the architecture and colorful environs that provide inspiration for Bahar's work.

View Bahar's 20x200 Editions

8. Steve Lambert
Jen was just saying how she loves to keep up with Steve's artistic +/or activisit endeavors here. Check out his Public Forum project in Birmingham, AL!

View Steve's 20x200 Editions

9. Hiro Kurata
If you love seeing an artist develop consistently over time, this is the feed for you. You'll feel like you're laying eyeballs on a living, growing practice.

View Hiro's 20x200 Editions »

10. Kate Bingaman-Burt
What's it like to put on an art show? How are ideas made real? You're going to see all of that and then some in Kate's brightly colored parade of process-driven pics!

View Kate's 20x200 Editions »

4 Bonus FOO's (Friends Of Ours!)

You might recognize these guys from our new 5+5 series. They deserve an extra social shout-out for making the that series such a raging success!

1. Victoria Smith
"i see the world through rose colored glasses, but it's just my filter." Victoria's photostream is perpetually awash in popping springtime color…

2. Stacy London
Style Maven | BFF. This feed has all of the things you want: More fashion and more glimpses into what it's like to walk in Stacy's (supah fancy) shoes!

3. Anil Dash
Internet famous. Thinkup Co-founder...Scads of shots of his gorgeous family and professional events (what's UP, Jesse Jackson!) but Anil also takes photos of curious street art and signage that invite you to share in the funny around him.

4. Of a Kind
Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo are the stylish founders of an incredible destination for discovering limited edition fashion by emerging designers. We dig this feed because in addition to the retail eye-candy, this feed is full of celeb #tbt's and man crush chatter.

PS: Follow the 20x200 Instagram feed for a slew of artwork, exhibitions, occasional office hijinks and upcoming sweepstakes.