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Hot Off the Presses! Berenice Abbott's "Newsstand"

Extra! Extra! Today's release celebrates the printed word, captured in Newsstand, 32nd Street and Third Avenue, Manhattan by the iconic Berenice Abbott.

Newsstand, 32nd Street and Third Avenue, Manhattan by Berenice Abbott
8"x10" ($24) | 11"x14" ($60)
 | 16"x20" ($240)

Happy National Library Week! We’re taking a few days to love on these vital institutions, because if you wanna know about something—past, present, or even future—there’s no better place to go. We use libraries quite frequently, not only in our personal lives (see what we're reading!), but also for our curated collection of Vintage Editions. The photography archives of the Library of Congress and the New York Public Library are always fascinating—you can learn so much about the historical background of all the images, as well as the lives of the photographers who took them. Access to these archives enabled us to build our collection and offer you, our collectors, first dibs on museum-quality prints of history's most striking and significant imagery.

This particular edition, from Abbott's Changing New York project, was spotted at the New York Public Library. We loved this slice-of-life snap, because even though we could identify the scene immediately, it took us a while to remember the last time we had seen a newsstand this expansive. Not only did Abbott capture a piece of city history, she caught a different era of the printed word. Within the racks of Newsstand, 32nd Street and Third Avenue, Manhattan, we find magazine coverage ranging from detective stories to “true confessions”, science fiction to onscreen romances—all for only 10 cents! (Or you could just grab a Double Rich Malted Milk.) While we are forever grateful for the Internet, this image gets us nostalgic for the days when our news and entertainment came on printed pages instead of screens.

There's just something about print: holding the words in your hands, the scent of the ink, feeling the weight of the paper under your fingertips. When you hold a 20x200 edition in your hands, we want it to feel good—that's why we only use the highest-quality paper and ink for our prints. And while the landscape of New York City is constantly changing, our care and commitment to you isn't going anywhere.

With printed art for everyone,
Team 20x200