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Earth Day Editions: Answer the Call of the Wild

Our office is in New York City, so finding ourselves in the quiet beauty of nature either involves riding a train for hours or turning the volume to 11 on Nature Sounds Vol. 1. Luckily, in these desperate moments of nature-need, we can turn to art!  

Eroded in the Silence by Chikara Umihara

Whether you've got nature right out your back door or (like us) you have to do a little searching for it, we can all celebrate the Earth! For Earth Day tomorrow, we've gathered our loveliest landscapes, our vastest space, our most adorable animals, and all of Earth's fine-art flora + fauna into a curated collection just for you. Go wild.

Sunset, Amundsen Sea, Southern Ocean, Antarctica by Stuart Klipper

Sans Titre 21 by Christian Chaize

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200