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Flashback Friday 5+5 Edition: Revisit Our Tastemakers' Faves

It's #flashbackfriday, so we're revisiting our 5+5ers! Through The Art for Everyone 5+5 mini-interview series, we've been able to pick the brains of many tastemakers and trailblazers, from CEOs and curators to media mavens and prolific authors. Though they come from all over, each of our 5+5ers have one thing in common: a major appetite for art. Each feature shows off the interviewee's five favorite editions, as well as their responses to five fun art questions. Find the entire series here, take in the full 5+5 collection here, and enjoy a small sample below...

Do I Look Expensive? by Helena Wurzel
I love the color here but I also love this message as I feel it gets to the heart of something we are always asking ourselves about our appearance to the outside world, not simply in how we dress, but in terms of prestige and privilege. Having one's portrait hang on a wall or in a gallery certainly appears lofty. The artist is asking us to confront our own self- importance. On the other hand, the picture is just so funny and snotty, I can't help but love it. – Stacy London

Parachute Jump and Beach Scene, Coney Island, ca. 1965, a 20x200 Vintage Edition
Sometimes time travel is possible. Coney Island is for our family what it has been for millions of others in the past -- the default place we go to the beach in the summer. But what's striking is this image can provide a window to a moment almost 50 years ago that looks as if it could have been taken when we hopped off the subway this summer. That's amazing. – 
Anil Dash

Sunday Date by Hiro Kurata
This drawing is just weirdly wonderful. There's some strange kind of expectation going on. It's a Sunday Date and yet she appears to be inexplicably naked and the driver, who's fully clothed, seems to be looking to her for direction. Where are they headed? And who's that face in the rearview mirror? – 
Victoria Smith


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