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Get Your SmARTypants A Great Grad Gift.

Can You Imagine
 by Trey Speegle

Congrats, class of 2015!

If you've got a new graduate in your life, they may be heading off to college, starting their first "big kid" job, seizing the moment for self-exploration, or moving into their first apartment. Time to show your support, encourage their self-confidence, and get some gorgeous art up on their walls. Oh, you weren't expecting that last one? Art is a perfect gift for graduates. Think of it as an investment in their future. They're off to expand their horizons—which art is all about! We have some suggestions to get you and their art collection started. Dig into Art for Grads and give your grad a head start on their journey into adulthood.  – Team 20x200  

High school graduation can be an uber-emotional time. Regardless of your grad's next move, change is a-comin': they're leaving behind their friends and meeting new people, pursuing new passions, starting new adventures. Art can offer some perspective. Whether the piece is thought-provoking, funny, or sentimental, the underlying message is you'll get through it, and—hey—you can do it in style. They'll remember that every time they see the print on their wall.

Things Happen by Wendy MacNaughton

They're finally entering the real world! After four years of lectures, learning, and drum circles (you know it happened at least once), your grad has developed their own tastes. One major step toward adulthood is honing and maturing those tastes. Kickstart their art collection with striking pieces by established duo Mike + Doug Starn.

alleverythingthatisyou sno7,1_016 by Mike + Doug Starn

Let's be real—just because they're broke doesn't mean they don't want nice things. So let them choose what adorns the walls of their first living situation off (like, really off) campus.
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