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New! Introducing Jessica Zollman

We’re thrilled to welcome our newest artist, badass lady photographer Jessica Zollman, and her two editions: Opuntia and Lizard Range, British Columbia.

Opuntia by Jessica Zollman
8"x10" ($24) | 11"x14" ($60) | 16"x20" ($240)

We follow many photographers and artists on Instagram, but one whose work has always stood out to us is @jayzombie, aka Jessica Zollman. Jessica is a trailblazer in the world of Instagram. She cut her teeth in photography as an early user (and one-time employee) of the app, shooting both the harsh and lush landscapes of the Bay Area. After a recent move out of San Francisco and the tech world, Jessica is now a full time commercial photographer and early member of an eye-candy creating collective of photographers at Tinker Street *. In her two editions, Opuntia and Lizard Range, British Columbia, we have the chance to see the way she sees, whether her well-trained eye is turned to a sprawling scene or focused on a small, striking sight.

Opuntia is a variation on one of Zollman’s favorite themes, what she refers to as “nature in unnatural settings”. Here the opuntia cacti (otherwise known as prickly pear) is practically painterly, a pastel creature poised against a gray cement scrim. The wall is muted, cracked, with a controlled roughness. It emphasizes the organic shape the cacti take, the smoothness of the opuntia pads, the exquisite precision of the spines, the sensual, O’Keefe-esque palette with which Mother Nature has painted this plant. It’s an intimate portrait of perfect balance.

Lizard Range, British Columbia by Jessica Zollman
8"x10" ($24) | 11"x14" ($60) | 16"x20" ($240) | 24"x30" ($1200)

On the other hand, Lizard Range, British Columbia takes a step back. Standing on the shore at the foot of the Lizard Range Mountains, Zollman captured the shot at a distance, encompassing this majestic tableau in its entirety. Magic-hour light melts over this scene just as the canoe drifts directly in line with Papa Bear peak. It’s a spectacular, serendipitous moment, forever suspended. That’s one of the things Zollman likes most about her medium—It allows her to pin, like a butterfly in a shadowbox, the rare, passing experiences that are precious to her.

Though the tools of her trade are constantly changing—shooting a fleeting moment with an iPhone or waiting for the perfect light with her finger on the shutter button of her DSLR—Jessica Zollman’s artistic vision is undeniable. These two editions are a testament to the power of beautiful images shot with skill, regardless of how they’re taken. Both Opuntia and Lizard Range, British Columbia are compelling photographs and would make a great addition to your collection.

With art for everyone, 
Team 20x200