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A special selection from our founder 🥳

Fun fact: 20x200 shares a birthday with our fearless founder, Jen Bekman! We wanted to close out a fabulous week of bday fanfare with a roundup of some of Jen’s favorite pieces. We’ve released countless editions over the past sixteen years, each of them unique. And while Jen would argue they’re all her favorites, we asked her to share her thoughts on some of the most meaningful projects closest to her heart.

Collaborating with Amos to commemorate some of 20x200's major milestones in recent years has been really gratifying and fun.

The books featured in this print were crowdsourced by an online feminist community I used to host. Jane is also a dear friend of mine + has been a part of 20x200 since its earliest days.

I own an 80”x60” print of Praia Piquinia 11/08/10 12h15 and highly recommend that size to anyone who can afford the splurge. The photo I own sold out, but other several other images still available in 80"x60" are Praia Piquinia 28/01/11 15h24 or Praia Piquinia 16/08/11 13h26 or Praia Piquinia 19/08/15 12h16. I love how much our collectors love CC’s work, and it’s been an honor to bring his work into so many people’s homes.

Letters by William Wegman

My go-to gift for new babies, weddings etc. Bill has been such an important collaborator of ours over the years, and working with him and his studio team to realize this project was a high point in 20x200 history!

Because: butter, but also Vintage Editions have been such an important part of our evolution.

 A reminder of Jason that I carry with me everywhere + give as a gift often. I have fond memories of chatting with him about this collab with Baggu while he was working on it.

Jennifer was one of our original artists when the site debuted in 2007. She is a force + working with her is always a blast! Such a treat to be able to offer our collectors originals @ affordable prices. (And yes, I own one of these too!)