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Activist artists in the COVID era + the work that’s wowed us

Trey Speegle's limited-edition Stay Home FFS contributes to COVID relief for artists

The gallerist David Zwirner just penned this op-ed in the NY Times, and it touches on something we’ve been thinking a lot about recently. Namely, how and why art is perhaps more important in this historic moment than in our lifetimes to date. And that speaks volumes coming from a crew of self-described art obsessives! The truth is, we (personally and collectively) can’t process this experience without exploring it through the prism of art. Which brings us to this week’s edition of our good news guide to Armchair Art Appreciation!

20x200 collaborators and other artists are ingeniously adapting to our new, very online art world, unleashing their creativity on all sorts of pandemic-adjacent art projects and initiatives. The work they’ve been creating in response to this crisis represents just the beginning of an outpouring of COVID-era art. We rounded up some excellent examples below, but there’s so much more out there. This post rattles off some of our recommended arty Insta follows, for starters. It's a comfort to know the art will keep unraveling in the weeks to come. And we'll keep our eye on it! So stay tuned, stay home, and stay safe. Oh, and wear an artist-made mask while you're at it.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

Martha Rich encourages Philly to stay home and vote

Edel Rodriguez makes his mark with yet
another poignant Time cover

Debbie Millman (left), Edel Rodriguez (right), and more artists design images of safety + gratitude
in New York City

Mike Monteiro hosts author chats on Zoom with
Quarantine Book Club

Artists + creatives worldwide come together in
The Covid Art Museum

Get creative with the kiddos with drawing classes from Lisa Congdon

Street artists around the globe react to a new
world + new heroes

Art blooms in our own backyard as Brooklynites
get creative in new ways

Four online group exhibitions curated by Ruben Natal-San Miguel benefit artists
navigating a COVID world: SPRING FORWARD, A Light Exists in Spring,