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Art Matters! Emergency resources for artists + orgs

As another WFH week comes to close, we’d like to give a shout out to anyone who put one foot in front of the other, who only read the news once a day or managed to make a few meals. Bonus points if you put a pair of “outside” pants on! You are doing GREAT.

Last week we announced our ongoing guide to Armchair Art Appreciation, an assembly of the best intel we can find re: how to celebrate and support the arts remotely. Today we’re zooming in on some of the excellent roundups of arts resources we’ve seen recently on the internetz—exhaustive lists of funding and grants for artists and art orgs/art businesses, as well as some general tips for all you art appreciators supporting the arts from afar. There’s plenty more out there of course, but we wanna make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Save that energy for existing right now! And stay tuned for more Armchair Art Appreciation to come.

Resources for the art community


Resources for at-home art supporters