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Pocket Rainbows”, plz! Affordable, original art that gives back

Jennifer Sanchez's Pocket Rainbows

Jennifer Sanchez’s art absolutely falls in a category we’d call "visual mood enhancement". Think of the artworks under this umbrella as over-the-counter (under-the-frame?) opportunities to feel real good for a minute. Now how ‘bout doing some good while you feel good? For that, you'll wanna check out the new fundraiser Sanchez put together in the form of super-limited art releases through her site.

Every Thursday night at 8pm ET, Sanchez is releasing four one-of-a-kind Pocket Rainbows—small color spectrum paintings size 7"x5.5". She’s selling each original artwork on her site for $35, $25 of which goes to her chosen Black fund or organization of the week, for a total of a $100 weekly donation. Her past donation recipients have included Justice for Black Girls, and the Mutual Aid Fund for Black LGBTQ+ Youth, through which young folks can request immediate funds for meals, protest supplies, rent assistance, or whatever else they’re in need of. Sanchez is sharing screenshots of the final donations on her IG. Stay tuned for her sixth release this upcoming Thursday, 7/20. Which brings us to a hot tip: you’ll definitely wanna set an alarm if you’re hoping to collect a Pocket Rainbow—they sell out in hours! The good news is, you can always send some support to Sanchez’s chosen org even if you miss out on the art.

These Pocket Rainbows are part of Sanchez’s ongoing exploration of the evolution of color, and a meditative practice to boot. She loves mixing paints and witnessing their gradual metamorphosis. In her own words, “Painting spectrums is one of my ‘go-to’ therapies for sanity.” Just looking at them certainly retains some of that sense of calmness and clarity, the simplicity of their soothing gradients enlivened by eye-catching colors. The transformation on display is beautiful and energizing, which—as Sanchez rightly points out—eloquently “echo[es] this time of awakening, uprising and change.”

If you happen to snag a Pocket Rainbow, Sanchez will send it out with a whole heap of stamps—one way she’s trying to support USPS. (Buy stamps, y’all! These Ruth Asawa stamps are especially awesome.) But if you’re not able to get your hands on a Pocket Rainbow, we have seven amazing Jennifer Sanchez print editions available on our site right now! Color is our kind of cure-all.