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Goodness gracious, great (gallery) walls of fire

We love seeing 20x200 art in the wild. For starters, making it possible for more people to live with art is our whole reason for being. Spotting a 20x200 piece on someone’s wall? Excuse us while we happy dance. But beyond making our day (every dang time), seeing 20x200 art in situ is super inspiring for our collectors, the 20x200 team, and all the incredible artists we work with.  

 Recently, we announced a little Instagram contest. We asked you to share how you live with 20x200 art, and we gotta say: you delivered. Today, we’re announcing three winners who absolutely embody our Art for Everyone motto. From the prints they chose to the pieces they paired them with, how they framed them to where they were hung, these collectors’ arrays are picture perfect expressions of individual personalities and we’re HERE FOR IT. Without further ado, here are our contest winners:

Mr. Jim Design

“My office gallery wall will probably never officially be finished, but it started back in 2009 when I found 20x200 I knew I had an interest in collecting signed and editioned real deal art, but taking the first step was so hard-then I found the work of Jorge Colombo…It was the HELL YES energy that I was waiting for, and those pieces begat many more from 20x200, which now total 18(!!!) in this office alone, on top of several more in my home.  

" I am thankful for all of the wonderful artists and their stories 20x200 has put on my radar and celebrate them and their founder Jen Bekman on their 15 year anniversary- here is to many more great years to come!”

– Mr. Jim Design

Ann Harter

“I love this Mike Monteiro print here because tbh if you've entered my room (regardless of why) I probably actually have told my therapist about you. My therapist finds this hilarious.

 "The living room with too many artists to list! My corner office with reminders from Wendy MacNaughton, Mike Monteiro, and Helena Wurzel not to take any of this too seriously. And my living room wall (plus more art of the floor and me waving in the mirror!). It's not living with art unless the space looks lived in, right?”

– Ann Harter

Jen Cohen

“Shoutout to Rachel Sklar for turning me on to 20x200 many years (and pieces) ago!”

– Jen Cohen