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Live with Art Giveaway!

We’re fifteen years (!!) into this whole art for everyone endeavor, and one thing that never gets old for me is spotting 20x200 art on somebody’s wall. We’ve sold hundreds of thousands of prints through the years—each one becoming its own story once it lands in our collectors’ hands—and it’s truly thrilling every single time I see our art somewhere. I’ve spotted it in my friends’ homes, in some of my favorite shops and hotels, in real estate listings or even just peeking into an apartment window when walking down the street. 

These days it’s Instagram that’s the most reliable source of a “They like us! They really like us!” adrenaline rush and I can’t lie: I’m greedy for more. And all thrills aside, sharing examples of how folks are living with our art is great inspo for our collectors, the 20x200 team + all the incredible artists we work with. The bottom line is that we all wanna see that in situ that you do. And isn’t it about time you gave your walls that 15 minutes of fame they so richly deserve?  

We’re hoping to feature lots of collectors + their art on the blog in the months to come, so we’re doing a little Instagram contest + giving away some goodies to get things rolling. Here’s how to enter: 


  • Follow us on Instagram. 
  • Post a photo, a group of photos, or videos of how you live with 20x200 art and tag us! 
  • We’ll choose one awesome art collector to feature on our blog. 
  • Three lucky collectors will receive a Live with Art Kit with oodles of 20x200 goodies, as shown above. 
  • Be sure to post and tag us by Saturday, June 18.