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New! Collin Garrity’s hand-hewn wooden wonders

Penguin Trio and Flat Ornament Sets by Collin Garrity

Alright all you tree-trimmers, we know you’re chomping at the bit. Last year, a survey by YouGov found that almost half of Americans decorate for the holidays before December 1st, and a quarter gets that decor done and dusted by the day after Thanksgiving. Who are we to impede this hailstorm of holiday cheer? We’re kicking off this celebratory season with some handmade wooden objects straight out of artist Collin Garrity’s winter wonderland workshop. Garrity’s Flat Ornament Sets and Penguin Trio are sure to spruce up your space in the jolliest of ways, from tree to table.

Penguin Trio by Collin Garrity

Festoon your fir in celestial splendor with the Flat Ornament Space Set, complete with moon, star, and rocketship. Or bedeck that balsam in Rudolph’s recommendation: the Flat Ornament Vegetable Set, a certifiably scrumptious trio of carrot, mushroom, and broccoli. Hand-crafted from maple and cherry wood, these 2D ornaments come ready to hang with satin ribbon.

Flat Ornament Sets by Collin Garrity

In search of some non-arboreal accessories? Garrity’s Penguin Trio has got you covered. These cold-weather cuties are harbingers of all holidays. Set them on the windowsill next to the menorah. Give Elf on the Shelf a little extra muscle. Or even arrange them around the dinner table for some mealtime giggles. Standing just a few inches tall, this tabletop trio will bring joy to every celebration. 

Garrity fell in love with woodworking in college and became enamored with the idea of making beautiful versions of everyday objects through simplicity and craftsmanship. In 2016 he opened the Collin Garrity studio in St. Louis, MO, where he produces wonderfully whimsical and sublimely simple, modern home goods with a tight-knit team of inspiring creatives. From sawing to sanding, painting to assembling, each object is unique and lovingly crafted by hand. And Garrity’s Flat Ornament Sets and Penguin Trio are no exception. Snag a set while you can, these bite-size beauts are sure to go fast!

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