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🍁 Autumn Art Happenings: our artists are busy! 🎨

Our artists sure have been busy. In addition to creating some awesome new editions for us, these fabulous humans have some pretty incredible new exhibitions, books, and other creative projects on the horizon. Today, we’re rounding up some can’t-miss autumn art happenings from 20x200 artists that you can enjoy both out and about as well as from home! — Team 20x200

  • Take a stroll down to Lower Manhattan to peep Yen Ha’s work in Resiliency, a public gallery walk by Art on the Ave, featuring 27 local artists demonstrating the adaptability of our environments. (September 7-November 28)
  • Snag a pre-order copy of Jen Hewett’s new book This Long Thread, celebrating the diverse work of people of color in the textile arts and crafts industry. (Available November 16)
  • Calling all Bibliophiles! Jane Mount and Jamise Harper have teamed up to diversify your reading list with their new book Bibliophile: Diverse Spines. (Available November 2)


Gordon Parks
Untitled, Harlem, New York at the Howard Greenberg Gallery

Martha Rich
hangs one of her art pieces on the wall of Annenberg’s Arts Lounge.