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Fundraising Update

A couple weeks ago, we decided to donate 10% of our June profits to an organization working toward racial justice. After originally researching organizations, we chose Campaign Zero, but in the days after making that decision, Campaign Zero launched their #8cantwait initiative. Delving deeper into the policies this initiative proposes and exploring how it was received by leading activists far more informed than us, we’ve come to see #8cantwait as ineffective and inadequate, diverting attention from more meaningful efforts to address the systemic problem of police brutality by emphasizing reform over abolition/defunding. 

So! After taking some time to consider other options, we’ll be redirecting our June donation to Equal Justice Initiative. EJI is an established organization with a 4-star rating on Charity Navigator, a national reach, and a really good record of transparency. For the past several years, over 90% of the funds they've received have gone directly to programming versus operations expenses.

We also encourage you to identify, research, and support local grassroots organizations in your own community, as our team members often do independently. However, as a business with a national audience and collector base, EJI felt like a fitting pick for us. 

Course correcting and leaning into the attendant discomfort around changing our approach was certainly a challenge, but it was a meaningful, productive process for us as a team. We’re grateful for this reminder to keep learning and educating ourselves, and to be transparent as we do so. Effective allyship is a perpetual work-in-progress!

Thank you for reading!
Team 20x200