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Kid tested, curator approved: giftable print picks for wee ones!

If you’re in search of a some magic this season, take a cue from a kid. Kids have a way better handle on that elusive holiday spirit than the rest of us. It’s not just about gifting—it’s about gathering, possibility, expectation, peppy songs, adults in stupid sweaters, sweets, and strings of lights. But ok, it’s also about gifting. And we’ve got a tip for rethinking your wee ones wrapables: give the gift of art!

Books, board games, and brightly colored plastic playthings are some of the usual heavy hitters, but how about a limited-edition print of Polan’s delightful hand-drawn dinos for your pint-sized paleontologist, or a Hamerman baseball for your little leaguer, or Lewis’s lemur for your animal lover, or Wegman’s adventurous Weimaraners? Art inspires and sets the scene: it could be the first thing your kid will see when they wake up in the morning, or the last thing they’ll look at before they drift off into dreamland.

Of course, the prints in this collection are perfect for the whole fam (and not just because there’s no assembly required). They’re a direct route to childlike wonder, and who couldn’t use a smidge more of that?

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