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You got this: Matthew Hoffman’s back with more motivation.

you got this by Matthew Hoffman
9.5"x6.5" ($30) | 16"x10.75" ($175)

It’s hard out here for a human being. Maybe you’re wondering how you’re gonna push through Q4 at work, how you’re gonna get through the holidays, how you’re gonna keep your head up—same. We’ll tell you what Matthew Hoffman’s new edition tells us everyday when we catch sight of it hanging out in our office: you got this.

Our fourth exclusive wood cut by the Chicago-based artist, you got this is zippier than the other Hoffman affirmations we’ve editioned. It’s the enthusiastic flex emoji to you are loved’s bear hug, and to you are doing great’s reassuring shoulder squeeze. It’s gotta be in the top five turns of phrase we’ve most frequently texted to friends in tough spots. It’s a strong, succinct expression of confidence, whether you say it to yourself or someone else. It’s punchy, proactive, unequivocal and declarative. It’s also available in two sizes—9.5”x6.5” and 16”x10.75”—so you have some say over scale and impact. In either size, it makes a majorly satisfying personal mantra, and a perfect pick-me-up to pass on to another person. And made just for us by the artist in beautiful, laser cut birch plywood? Heck, you got this is low-key life-changing ...

Hoffman is a master of motivation for folks seeking something sleeker, savvier and decidedly more modern than a decorative pillow with a pithy saying. This is not to shade decorative pillows (you should see the couch in our HQ), so much as it is to point out Hoffman’s talent—he turns unabashed positivity into stylish, estimable art. For years now, the artist and designer has been creating large and small artworks and objects for both personal collection and public exhibition. The editions we’ve featured are descendants of one project in particular: you are beautiful, the viral sticker-lead sensation that launched a million good moods across the globe.

Taking the same brilliantly pared-down approach as you are beautiful, our Hoffman editions are on the subtler end of this artist’s creations. There’s nothing ornamental or unreachable about these words, nothing inaccessible about their arrangement. While he’s made a smartly minimal art object, Hoffman has also put a great deal of thought into ensuring the design of you got this radiates the same warmth, modesty, and earnest approachability of the phrase itself. This carefully considered clarity translates to broad appeal … and brilliant giftability. (Just sayin’!) It also indicates that it's easy to work into most any art collection, which can only mean one thing for you: you got this. 

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

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