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you got this

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Other inspirational words:

I make work to help myself, and help myself care again. When these ideas are shared by the world at large, it really shows us how this is needed. I’m sometimes conflicted that positivity can be so disruptive. Don’t get me wrong—I couldn’t feel stronger about making a protest against all the negativity in the world—I love causing trouble in a positive way. I champion radical positivity. I recently realized that the rareness of these messages is what makes them so powerful. I just wish it wasn’t so rare.

I wish positivity was everywhere. I don’t think there could ever be a point of oversaturation. I feel that hopeful messages need to be repeated over and over again, especially in the current climate.

Our fourth exclusive wood cut by the Chicago-based artist, you got this is zippier than the other Hoffman affirmations we’ve editioned. It’s the enthusiastic flex emoji to you are loved’s bear hug, and to you are doing great’s reassuring shoulder squeeze. It’s gotta be in the top five turns of phrase we’ve most frequently texted to friends in tough spots. It’s a strong, succinct expression of confidence, whether you say it to yourself or someone else. It’s punchy, proactive, unequivocal and declarative. It’s also available in two sizes—9.5”x6.5” and 16”x10.75”—so you have some say over scale and impact. In either size, it makes a majorly satisfying personal mantra, and a perfect pick-me-up to pass on to another person. And made just for us by the artist in beautiful, laser cut birch plywood? Heck, you got this is low-key life-changing ... Read more on the blog!

+ Measurements provided are from the height from the tallest point ​to the width at the widest point.
+ Made of birch plywood, laser cut in Chicago
+ Can be easily attached to a wall with foam tape or hung from a white finishing nail. You can also attach plastic feet (for the piece to stand on its own), lay it flat, or simply lean it against your surface of choice.
+ All orders for this edition are final sale and not eligible for discount or return.

Laser cut wood