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Holy holidays, Batman! Our geek chic guide to art gifting

This is a holiday shout out to the geeks that make our world go round. We’re giving big ups to trekkies, tinkerers, and time traveling doctors, to mathletes and Marvel fans. How about a round of applause for infographics, invention, and ingenuity, for Fortnite, and fortitude? Join us in praise of pocket protectors, spreadsheets, space exploration, and all the new age evolutions of nerd accessories. Let’s hear it for loving science and never settling (but always settling on Catan). Gift your geek some art! They’ve got enough gadgets.

Whether you’re perusing this print collection to delight in your own dorkiness or embrace your loved one’s ways, this art-packed gift guide is geek chic exemplified. Nerdery never looked so good.

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