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Holidata: all your essential art gifting info in one place

Somehow it’s almost the holidays, and while we’re still wondering where the last few months went, we’re rolling up on this season ready to rock your gifting world. We have a TON of awesome prints and objects in the pipeline, including some totally new frontiers you’re gonna flip for. So stay tuned and keep your eye on your inbox!

Super important: because the mail’s been slower and there’s no shortage of uncertainty this year, we’re sharing crystal clear, earlier than usual order deadlines to make sure your art gets to you when you want it. If you wanna tuck art under the tree by 12/24, order by 11/30. To make sure your gifts gets to you by the first night of Chanukah, order by 11/19. Your art could very well arrive on time if you order after these dates, but they’ll be a guarantee. This is 2020. Who isn’t in the market for some peace of mind?

We have a lot of art to choose from, so we know it’s always helpful to have a place to start. If you’re looking for a little direction, our Gift Guide’s got your back. Trying to find something for a sports fan since spectating is on hold? This art will hit it outta the park. Your favorite foodie have enough kitchenware to kill a man? Serve up some visual inspo instead. And don’t forget to peep our collection for kiddos! Little ones love art as much as us. There are a bunch of other categories to browse, too.

Need your art gift ASAP? Order from our carefully curated Quick Ship collection, full of crowd pleasers, classics, new releases, special somethings, and safe bets that ship in one business day—our speediest service! And once you’ve got that gift in hand, better wrap it up real cute. This beautiful, bookish wrapping paper from Jane Mount is a present in and of itself.

Get a headstart on gifting. It means more downtime for hot toddies.

P.S. One more date to remember! Friday, 11/20. We’re running our Black Friday sale a week early this year so you can snag those yearly super savings with plenty of time to spare before our order deadlines. Our gift to you!

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

2020 Holiday Gift Guide