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Intentional interludes 💭

The pace and energy of the first push of the new year can result in mid-January burnout. There's one cure for that: rest, relaxation, and taking things SLOW. It's hard to remember to do sometimes. Fortunately, we have art that you can add to your walls for that daily reminder to take care of your body and mind. We all need it!

A wonderful effect of surrounding yourself with art is that each time you see it is an opportunity—and a reason!—to take an appreciative pause. Creating these special moments doesn’t always need to be a huge lift, either! Peep the Pillow Studies letterpress above—the perfect touch to a space in which your only duty is to unwind. The dark winter days make cozy corners like this even more important. PLUS, the frigid weather here in New York has us diving in bed! We all need a reason to peek out from under the covers.