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New! Zollman's sunny succulents give back to an amazing org.

Silver Lake by Jessica Zollman
10"x8" ($35) | 14"x11" ($75) | 20"x16" ($260) | 30"x24" ($1350)

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 100% of profits for Silver Lake by Jessica Zollman will be donated to Equitable Giving Circle. This edition is available for purchase through 10/6 at 11:59pm PT only! 


Big news! Today we’ve got a treat that gives back. We’ve partnered with photography phenom Jessica Zollman on a new limited-edition, limited time print release benefitting Equitable Giving Circle, an amazing Oregon nonprofit organization committed to economic equity for Portland’s BIPOC communities. For every print of Silver Lake sold, we’ll be donating 100% of profits to EGC. But look alive! This extra special benefit edition will be available for purchase for two weeks only, which means you’ve got just until 10/6 at 11:59pm PT to snag one.

EGC is founded and run by Black women, peer-led, and community-funded, believing true equity exists in intersectional leadership that centers Black women and emphasizing direct, immediate action that takes into account the diverse needs of various communities. The work they’ve done so far has been inspiring, to say the least. Shortly after their launch in January, the COVID-19 crisis emerged, exacerbating food insecurity in the process and catapulting that concern to a focal point for the fledgling organization. In just eight weeks, EGC raised over $600,000 to provide free weekly meal boxes to 400 families, with healthful food from BIPOC-owned farms.

When Zollman first brought EGC to our attention and proposed putting together an edition to benefit the org, we signed up stat. And we’re going to be doing more benefit editions in the future. Back in June, we donated 10% of our month’s profits to Equal Justice Initiative, and realized there’s no shortage of other organizations we want to support. Benefit editions are just one more way to spread the love. Plus, they give us all new gorgeousness to ogle! Like this SoCal stunner, Silver Lake, full of calming colors, and light-washed warmth that’ll be especially nice to look at as we go into winter.

Nature in unnatural settings is something Zollman always has her eye out for, like this magical momentary vignette, which one might easily miss as they pass by on busy Sunset Boulevard. That seafoam blue brick wall is a perfect backdrop to highlight an organic cluster of Aloe Vera plants. Bright midday light makes for a high-contrast image, casting sharp shadows that deliver depth. There’s loads of visual satisfaction to find in her carefully composed scene—the curlicues of the window bars against the linear wall and ledge, each little tooth of those green-gray Aloe leaves, the gangly yellow flowers shooting skyward and their spike-like silhouettes. Aloe flowers typically show face in spring or early summer, giving us a sense of when this would have been shot, and a peek at the sun-loving succulent’s best side.

This photograph’s got decidedly good vibes. And that’s before you even factor in the fundraising aspect! It’s an honor to be able to team up with Jessica Zollman to offer 100% of profits for this print’s sales in support of EGC. If you’re as inspired as we are by the incredible work they’re doing, consider collecting a statement-sized print if you’re able, or scooping up a few to get ahead on your holiday gifting. (Botanical art that gives back? A perfect crowd-pleasing present.) You can/should also donate to EGC directly, but bringing this edition home will jumpstart a joy ripple effect that begins with your contribution and ends with beautiful art on your walls. Just be sure to order ASAP—Silver Lake will only be available until midnight PT on Tuesday 10/6.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

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