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This new book by Kimberly Drew is required art reading.


If art professional, author, and activist Kimberly Drew’s not already on your art-loving radar, she ought to be. A few days ago, her new book, This Is What I Know About Art, hit the stands. To say it’s timely is an understatement. Art is central to the fabric of political protest, an essential communication tool. In her op-ed for Teen Vogue, Drew writes, “This week, as protesters across America join forces to say no to police brutality, it is artwork: illustrations, graphics, and portraiture, that help folks to organize, coordinate, and fight back”.

Aimed at young adults (but equally excellent reading for all ages) This Is What I Know About Art delves into Drew’s experiences studying art history and working in the art world. Drew describes it as “a manifesto about loving art so much that you want to see it change for the better”. “This book is more about my journey through art toward activism,” she writes in the book’s introduction. “This book is about discovery, confusion, and progress.” We’ll leave you with that teaser, and a hearty team 20x200 endorsement.

We highly recommend you check out the other titles under the Pocket Change Collective umbrella while you’re at it. The series of nonfiction, pocket-sized, decidedly devourable books centers some of today’s leading young changemakers (and the cover art by Ashley Lukashevsky is brilliant to boot). Drew’s daily Something I Saw newsletter is a requisite read as well. Become a paid subscriber so you don’t miss a post.

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