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It’s Leo season. Collect art with Big Cat Energy.

Lion in Tall Grass by Jennifer Orkin Lewis

The fifth astrological sign in the zodiac is the fiercest by far (at least if you ask a Leo). Out of respect for summer’s only fire sign, we’re feeling feline art, so we’ve rounded up some purrrrfect prints and art pieces that vibe with this special season.

Find your version of Big Cat Energy: are you channeling curiosity or cunning? Cat-like reflexes or deliciously aloof defiance? Maybe you’re more into flexing your mysterious side. All of these artworks are fit for the king of the jungle—and considerably less creepy than that Cats trailer.

Make one of these artworks your mane squeeze and set up your space to radiate serious lion-like regalness. Or pick one out as a prezzie for the Leo in your life—they’ve got a birthday right about now, and art that acknowledges their leonine essence is a great way to show them that you know them.

A few fine felines:

Book Pin by Jane Mount

Stop Talking
by Martha Rich

Animal Locomotion: Plate 717 (Cat) by Eadweard Muybridge

Three cats watching fish in an aquarium,
a 20x200 Vintage Edition

I said no. by Martha Rich

Black Cat by Laura Bell

Asakusa ricefields and Torinomachi Festival
by Ando Hiroshige