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Living (and moving!) with art 💕

20x200 collector Ann (@theaisforannie) has been collecting art for about 15 years—and she's been buying 20x200 art since 2013! Ann recently moved houses, so we caught up with her about how she goes about installing her art in a new space, tips and tricks for moving with a massive art collection (pro tip: a bottle of wine helps), and what keeps her coming back to 20x200 after all this time!

How long have you been collecting art? Which piece is your oldest? Do you have a favorite?

I've been collecting about 15 years. The oldest stuff in my collection is artwork done by family, and coincidentally they're what I would grab if my house was burning down: a watercolor by favorite uncle for my first birthday, a collage by my best friend, and watercolor roses painted by my maternal grandmother as a 50th wedding anniversary present for my paternal grandparents. Sentiment aside, they're all really talented people and I'm honored to have these originals. The collage in particular is a favorite of not just me but everyone who comes in my home—everyone comments on it.

What keeps you coming back to 20x200?

First, all the reasons that you all have said over the years — affordable, limited edition, good for you, not exploitative. But also because of 20x200, I’ve had the opportunity to follow remarkable artists who I never would have heard of, and their art has influenced the way I think about myself and the world — I’m obsessed with Helena Wurzel and Johanna Goodman’s perspectives on femininity and I get to say things like “subverting the male gaze” when I talk to my friends about it.

What is your approach to arranging your collection in a new space?

Usually I just go for it once the rest of the room has come together.

You mentioned being nervous about hanging art on your plaster walls—what do you find is the most difficult part of moving with such a large collection?

Keeping track of everything! I’m afraid I may have lost an unframed original, but I’m holding out hope it’s somewhere among the stacks.

Any tips or tricks you’ve learned about arranging your collection over the years?

A bottle of wine helps.

P.S. Oh, and you didn't ask this, but I want to brag because Hank Green and I both have Chad Hagen's Nonsensical Infographic No. 1.

From Ann's Collection: