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Let's Dish! Martha Rich's catch-alls are the talk of the town.

Greetings, collectors! Jen here to introduce some Martha Rich newness that I’ve been soooo looking forward to sharing with y’all. These sweet little Speech Bubble Mini Dishes are fun af and eminently giftable, which I can vouch for personally as I’ve gifted several myself already. Seasonally speaking, they’re absolutely perfect for stuffing into stockings and/or Secret Santa shenanigans. And once this season of giving has come and gone, their small stature + extremely affordable pricing make them the perfect items to have on hand as a “just because” prezzie for a friend or colleague. They’re also lightly utilitarian, serving as a perfect li'l catch-all for the tiny bits and bobs you’re always losing track of, earring backs, safety pins, paper clips + such. All of this to say, these Mini Dishes are the sort of thing a lucky recipient is likely to keep in plain sight for a long time to come, bringing a smile to their face or a spot of encouragement to their day-to-day and reminding them of y-o-u, you savvy gifter you, day after day.

Speech bubbles are a recurring theme in Martha’s art, initially appearing in several of her most popular print editions Stop talking and I said no. and Tough Titties, and then evolving into stand-alone objects like last year’s (now totally sold out) holiday baubles and also in the form of the enduringly popular Wall Panels we debuted last year.

These latest incarnations of her Bubbles run the gamut of emotions. You can serve up some snark with Stop talking or It’s a sh*t show, offer up a bit of encouragement to a beloved with Let’s look out for each other or You belong here or memorialize the ever-important question of Will there be snacks? Feeling pro-procrastination? Not today or I’ll do it tomorrow will do! At a mere $9 or $10 each, you may be tempted to collect the whole dang set. As someone who’s done exactly that, I can assure you that you won’t regret it!

With art for everyone,
Jen Bekman & Team 20x200

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