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Word bubble wall panels from Martha Rich? Say no more.

Word Bubble Wall Panels by Martha Rich

Collect a Word Bubble Wall Panel

Speaking your mind, made easy? Now we’re talking. Say hello to Word Bubble Wall Panels, from the multi-talented Martha Rich—a longtime 20x200 artist and breath-of-fresh-air bringer. The subtly wonky bubble shapes and irregular, all-caps lettering are equal parts irreverent and inviting. They tease, they charm, they lay down the law. They have more fun than us, in three thrilling dimensions. Sassy, sincere, or merrily matter-of-fact, each wood panel conveys Rich’s characteristic wit with a punchy pop of color, spotlighting seven different phrases. Ever the straight-shooter, Martha Rich does not mince her words, and it turns out we’re not the only ones who wouldn’t have it any other way. Back in December, we debuted her Holiday Bubbles! and they sold out in a few hours. Consider these the supersized versions, with new verbiage up to bat. That’s also a big hint to hop on it if you like what you see—snooze and they might sell out!

These wooden word bubbles keep it 100. Be just as genuine in showing your locale some love with I Like It Here as you are delightfully direct with I Will Do as I Please. You might recognize I Said No and Stop Talking as Martha Rich mainstays. Those fabulously forthright phrases are also featured alongside poker-faced felines in two of Rich’s print editions. Turning our attention to the one-word bubbles, there’s something very speakeasy-ish about Booze, which we’d love to hang above a bar cart. Books, on the other hand, would make a great gift for your lit-loving bestie. And finally, there’s Oops I Drank All the Wine, which artfully gets the admission out of the way so your roommate won’t be left wondering where that off-dry Riesling went.

Each one of the Word Bubble Wall Panels makes a bright, pop-arty impact, injecting some welcome energy and levity into any living space. And the backs have keyholes for easy hanging—cuz the last thing you need when you’re trying to lighten up is a fussy fixture. Sizes range depending on the statement, so peep the product page deets for specifics.

Cheer yourself up. Keep it real. Embrace color. Send a friend your sense of humor. Branch out from the traditional framed print. Whatever your end goal, it’s Word Bubble Wall Panels for the win! You can say that again.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

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