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New! A special anniversary edition from Kennedy Prints

Art is for Everyone by Kennedy Prints
19" x 12.5" ($40)

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Fifteen years. Almost as many offices. (NYC real estate is not for the faint of heart, y’all.) Dozens of colleagues. Hundreds of artists and editions. Thousands of collectors. Untold numbers of imitators. Most of whom have come and gone, I might add! Hundreds of thousands of prints.

 Numbers have always been foundational to our business, starting with its cornerstone: 20x200. What that meant back in 2007 was that we offered $20 prints in an edition of 200, $200 prints in an edition of 20, along with $2000 prints in an edition of 2, as it was always important to appeal to collectors across the spectrum. A lot has changed since then—so much!— but the idea that has animated us from the start remains the same: We believe that Art is for Everyone. We also believe that artists play a vital role in society. That everyone can and should collect art. That living with art is indeed good for you

 Today, we continue the celebration of our 15 year anniversary with a very special edition: Art is for Everyone, created just for us by the inimitable and ever-inspiring Amos Kennedy, of Kennedy Prints. We’ve got 200 of these 19”x12.5” prints available in this edition, and every single one of these multi-layered beauties is unique, hand-pulled by Amos himself at his legendary letterpress studio in Detroit. And as a throwback to that aforementioned founding formula—and for today only—you can snag one of these prints a mere $20 when you enter the code 15YEARS! at checkout. 

Amos created LWA 10.17 (totally sold out, sorry!) in celebration of our 10th anniversary, so it felt fitting to have him create one for this next big milestone we’re at. He’s certainly got a way with words, and anniversary traditions aside, his approach to letterpress shares a kinship with our own Art for Everyone-ness. It’s also always really fun to work with him.  

 For Art is for Everyone we traded a few emails and he kindly accommodated my entirely-too-last-minute request. We had a highly entertaining chat on the phone. The day he went on press, he sent me a stream of snaps of each of the layers of the edition as he ran them. A few days later, they were all hand-delivered to our door by a cheerful (and strong!) USPS mail person, and let me tell ya: opening those boxes was a zillion times better than any Christmas I can remember! 

 As I said, every single Art is for Everyone print is unique, and—as you can see in the photos here—the range of colors and how he’s combined them is just absolutely glorious. We’ve all been oohing and ahhing around the office since their arrival. Everybody’s got their favorite, but there’s not a dud among ‘em, so while your print will be randomly selected, rest assured: whichever one you receive is gonna be a looker.  

 I’m so grateful to Amos for creating these for us, and to you, our collectors for supporting us for all these years. Thanks for sticking with us, and for supporting this big idea that Art is For Everyone.  

 Jen PS: Amos, I promise I’ll give you more notice for our 20th! 

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Art is for Everyone by Kennedy Prints
19" x 12.5" ($40)

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