LWA 10.17

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Medium: Letterpress
More About This Edition:

+ This edition was commissioned by and created specifically for 20x200.
+ Each print is unique. We are not able to accommodate requests for specific colorways, but don’t worry, every single one is beautiful!
+ There’s a limit of one print per customer +/or address. It’s only fair.
+ Directly supports the artist.
+ All orders for this edition are final sale and not eligible for discount or return.

Artist Statement


“Live with art—it’s good for you.” has been our rallying cry and a pillar of 20x200s mission since our inception over a decade ago. In this extra-special edition, the phrase is immortalized by Amos Kennedy—a living embodiment of our own Art for Everyone ethos. Kennedy created these outsized 12” x 19” prints in his Detroit studio, embracing the task of producing our anniversary edition with an appropriate mix of seriousness, playfulness and provocation.

Each of the 200 prints is unique; Kennedy ran every single one through the press seven times, layering in the phrase “art for everyone” and nine instances of our name before positioning a final tenth 20x200 front and center on each print’s last pass. And as if this edition could get any cooler: we’re able to offer them at the throwback price of $20 each thanks to Kennedy’s generosity and abiding commitment to the idea that art is indeed for everyone.

So go forth and live with art…it’s good for you!


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All editions designed and printed by Kennedy Prints, LLC in Detroit, MI.