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New! Choose your own ARTventure

Color us excited ‘cause we’ve got an extra special project to share with you all. We’re proud to introduce Mindful Moments by Yen Ha! This beautifully bound coloring book is chock full of hand-drawn mandalas ready for a choose your own ARTventure. 

 With 25 unique designs featuring eclectic combinations of shapes and patterns, no two pages are alike. Yen's intricate mandalas were borne of a practice she created in the earliest days of the pandemic. She describes the process of drawing them as a "meditative form of making" that allows her to be present in the moment of doing, where the objective is to just keep going for a set amount of time, without the pressure to get things right.

We first shared this mesmerizing practice with Zen with Yen—a weekly Instagram series created in collaboration with 20x200—featured 30 second videos of Yen’s mandalas in the making, along with completed designs for our readers to download and color in themselves. Very much in line with our Art for Everyone ethos, the series was a celebration of Yen's talent, a mesmerizing meditation and a starting point for a low-stakes creative reprieve that anyone could try at home. It was also a big hit, and blossomed into the collection of Mindful Moments in this brand new book!

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