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15 Contemporary Murals in the US

Lisa Congdon mural

The human impulse to make marks on walls is undeniable and ancient (hi, Lascaux, hey, Chauveaux). From cave paintings to ancient Roman graffiti to contemporary street art, you’ll find murals all across the globe—including works from veteran 20x200 artists: Lisa Congdon has created many murals across the country, including “We Gon Be Alright: A Tribute to Adé Hogue” in Easton, PA, a tribute to her beloved friend (and fellow artist/cyclist) who died tragically in October of 2021. Martha Rich’s irreverent paintings have appeared on numerous walls too, including inside the Philadelphia Airport. And you may have spotted William Wegman’s iconic dogs in the 23rd St. F stations in NYC.

One of the beautiful things about public art installations like murals is that they don’t require a big, gate-kept exhibition space to share with the world. Got public facing walls? You can have art. We’ve rounded up 15 public murals from across the US:

1. Scottsdale, Arizona

Carrie Marill mural

20x200 artist Carrie Marill’s sass-tastic cactus wren watches over the Palomino Public Library in Scottsdale, AZ.

2. Jersey City, New Jersey

NeSpoon mural

Polish artist NeSpoon installed her signature lace-inspired mural in Jersey City, NJ.

3. Easton, Pennsylvania

Lisa Congdon mural

20x200 artist Lisa Congdon has created many murals across the country, including “We Gon Be Alright: A Tribute to Adé Hogue” in Easton, PA.

4. Western Navajo Agency, Arizona

Hyuro mural

Hyuro painted “Arizona, EEUU” on the Navajo Nation, Western Agency. 

5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Martha Rich mural

20x200 veteran Martha Rich’s irreverent paintings have appeared on numerous walls, including inside the Philadelphia Airport.

6. Fort Smith, Arkansas

Camile Walala mural

Camille Walala’s “Walala Pump & Go” transformed a 1950’s gas station in Fort Smith, AK.

7. Ann Arbor, Michigan

Jason Polan mural

Our dear Jason Polan created this giant ant mural during college—and it’s still on view in downtown Ann Arbor.

8. Salt Lake City, Utah

Karabo Poppy Moletsane mural

Karabo Poppy Moletsane’s mural in Salt Lake City, UT celebrates the Utah Jazz.

9. Mountain View, California

Ariel Lee mural

Not entirely public, but get a friend to bring you to the Google HQ in Mountain View, CA for a glimpse of 20x200 artist Ariel Lee’s dreamy mountainscape.

10. Jersey City, New Jersey

Mona Caron, art mural

Mona Caron created “Shauquethqueat’s Eutrochium”, a 23-story painting of Joe Pye weed in Jersey City.

11. San Francisco, California

Jessica Hische mural

20x200 artist Jessica Hische installed this bold and textural mural in San Francisco in 2017.

12. Fort Smith, Arkansas

Hilda Palafox mural

Hilda Palafox AKA Poni installed a two-side mural on silos in Fort Smith, AK.

13. New York City, New York

William Wegman mural

You may have spotted William Wegman’s iconic dogs in the 23rd St. F stations in NYC.

14. Knoxville, Tennessee

Jessie and Katey mural

Jessie and Katey’s “Knoxville Steps” in Knoxville, TN was inspired by traditional Appalachian weaving.

15. St. Petersburg, Florida

Matthew Hoffman mural

20x200 artist Matthew Hoffman’s signature “You Are Beautiful” mural brightens St. Petersburg, FL.

Looking for more murals? Several municipalities across the US have robust mural arts and/or public arts programs—Philadelphia, Jersey City, Cincinnati (they’ve got a whole mural fest!) all celebrate the magic of paint + walls.