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New Book Pins + a fresh podcast with our bibliophile bestie Jane Mount

Catch the Bibliophile: An Illustrated Miscellany author and artist Jane Mount on our latest Live With Art!
Our intermittently-appearing but ever-entertaining Live With Art podcast is back, this time featuring one of our favorite bibliophiles—and brilliant artist to boot—Jane Mount. Mount has been with 20x200 since the very beginning. We’ve editioned a total of 16 of her popular Ideal Bookshelf images so far, and we’re perpetually hungry for more. In our Artist Made collection, we also offer Mount’s Book Pins, pocket-sized, gloriously giftable enamel pins with designs the artist created to encapsulate some seriously requisite reads.

Mount firmly believes that “books make us better people” (yes, yes, yes), part of the reason she finds the subject so compelling. She’s also an author herself. In fact, Mount's just closing out her author tour for her gorgeous new book, Bibliophile: An Illustrated Miscellany, published by Chronicle Books. The book is brimming with bookish delights—reading recs, quizzes, bookstore tours, famous fictional meals—all illustrated by the artist. It’s basically a book nerd's dream come true. Tune into Episode 6, in which Mount details the winding, intuitive road to her treasure trove of a new book. She also delves into the origins of her Ideal Bookshelf project (it sprang from limitations!), discusses the complicated intersection of art and career and the importance of carving out time for personal practice, and shares her insights on so much more. You’ll also catch Jen Bekman telling the story of how these two creative powerhouses first got together, a meet cute she describes as “the internet at it’s best”. Listen here!

Bonus: we just added new Book Pin styles! (Really leaning into National Book Month over here, folks.) See if your go-to tome is in the mix, and while you’re at it pick up a few of these $11 buck beauties for your friends and family. You’ll need a present at some point!

With art for everyone on the airwaves,
Jen Bekman + Team 20x200

The 411 on Jane Mount
Jane Mount makes things for people who love books (and illustrates some other stuff here and there). She was born in Atlanta and formed in Manhattan, loves Berlin and now lives in Maui, with her Swiss husband and two cats. In My Ideal Bookshelf (published by Little, Brown in 2012), she illustrated the favorite books of over 100 famous creatives.

Artist Site: Jane Mount     Professional Site: Ideal Bookshelf     Facebook: Ideal Bookshelf     Instagram: @jane_mount