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These new kid-pleasin’ picture books are art bonanzas.

Arranging the Rainbow by Lisa Congdon

A great way to get your kids into art from an early age? Picture books illustrated by some of the best artists around. And it doesn’t hurt when a dazzling new read scores parents a little low-key time. (Parenting during a pandemic takes high-key to new heights.) That’s why we’re always keeping an eye out for children’s books stacked with amazing art. That and, TBH, we’re fully grown adults who love flipping through a beautiful picture book as much as any 5-year-old. No shame in our bookshelf game.

Lucky for us, 20x200 artists Lisa Congdon and Edel Rodriguez both have awesome new kids’ books out. Round is Congdon’s debut picture book, with words from award-winning author Jennifer Ward. It takes a colorful, lyrical look at roundness in the natural world—from lily pads and raindrops, to coiled snakes and snowflakes—and promises to inspire wee ones to investigate the world around them.

Round by Jennifer Ward + Lisa Congdon

I Am!: Affirmations for Resilience by Bela Barbosa + Edel Rodriguez


Rodriguez’s I Am!: Affirmations for Resilience is a gorgeously illustrated guide to simple, powerful, positive affirmations for children, written by Bela Barbosa. The brightly hand-lettered board book encourages young readers to address their emotions and ground themselves with recitations like “I am brave,” and “I am loved.”

If you want more magical children’s books, there’s lots of illustrated excellence on our kids’ lit Bookshop list! We’re always updating it with new additions, like Tomorrow I'll Be Brave and Tomorrow I'll Be Kind, by Jessica Hische—an award-winning illustrator and the latest artist to join the 20x200 roster. (Speaking of, her debut edition Wash Your Hands, Soapy Bubbles is a fun, artful reminder for the whole fam.) Bonus: you can order a signed bookplate through her site. And if that bookshelf is brimming, what about your walls? Browse our curated collection of cool art for kiddos, and add creative energy to your kid’s room. Art helps make awesome little humans.

Tomorrow I'll Be Kind by Jessica Hische