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New! Graduation motivation from Matthew Hoffman.

Greetings, collectors! Graduation season is upon us, and we’ve got just the thing for the newly minted arty academic in your life. Introducing our latest exclusive-to-us collab with Matthew Hoffman: the you’ll figure it out desk sculpture.

These petite pieces pack a powerful 1-2-punch of bold color, playful loopy design, and Matthew’s signature motivational oomph—perfect for a little desktop pick-me-up. Measuring in at about six inches long and just over an inch tall, these 3D treasures arrive ready-to-gift in a delightful metallic “you are beautiful” box and are available in three different colors: a poppy pink, an electric blue and a snazzy silver. If you're the sorta person who maintains a gift closet (we see you!) you can see how this little pretty is a nifty thing to have on hand—whether you wanna support a coworker in a crunch or a kiddo grinding through college apps, you'll figure it out is a doodad that delivers.

Graduation can be an uber-emotional time. Regardless of your grad's next move, change is a-comin': they're leaving behind their friends and meeting new people, pursuing new passions, starting new adventures. Art can offer some perspective, and the underlying message here is just what we all need to hear: you’ll figure it out!

A champion of radical positivity, Chicago-based artist and designer Matthew Hoffman is the brains behind numerous large-scale public installations, exhibited all over and featured in some of the most prominent news outlets. He and his small team also create smaller art objects for personal collections, perfect for encountering and interacting with as one goes about their daily life. This li’l limited-edition laser-cut birch wood piece is precisely that, and at just $25 it’s life-affirming art that’s affordable for many budgets. Pop it on your desk, rest it on your bedside table or really any surface of your choice—catching your eye as you pass by, you’ll figure it out will inject some much-needed motivation into your everyday.

Tags: new art