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New! These Pin Museum wearables make perfect stocking stuffers.

Pin Museum Pins by Pin Museum

Good things come in small packages. Introducing Pin Museum, with 14 styles of art-centric stickables. A Mondrian, a Michelangelo, an opportunity to tag your fave art history movement, and so much more. Each of these soft enamel pins is single posted with a rubber backing, easy to pop onto a tote, sport on a sleeve, or clasp to a collar. Plus, (heads up holiday shoppers) these pins are extremely giftable.

This Pin Museum spread makes superlative stocking stuffers for art collectors of all variety, museum frequenters, gallery goers, art history students, those of us running out of wall space—anyone art-inclined! At $5 to $16 a pop, they’re also a budget-friendly price point for situations that call for just a little something special. In search of goodies for your officemates? Wanna bring a bangin’ hostess gift? Maybe you need a present for the arty aunt-in-law who’ll be at your home over the holidays? One of these savvy, art-historical pins won’t just please the picky—they’ll get a convo going.

That’s a big part of why Pin Museum makes these babies. Founded in 2016 and run by art school sweethearts in San Diego, CA, Pin Museum aims to pique interest in the art world behind their designs, to spark discussion. But this isn’t just about making connections, it’s about bringing iconic art beyond elite institutions. Sounds like Art for Everyone to us. Now pick up one of these pins and stick it to your jacket while you stick up for art.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

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