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Presents on mind (already!)

Greetings, collectors! Sweata weatha is upon us, and the glory of decorative gourd season is in full effect on Brooklyn stoops and beyond. And while we’re all about the corn mazes and dressing up our dogs, another hallmark of October at 20x200 HQ is being haunted by the Ghost of Christmas Future. (Who am I kidding? As an ecommerce CEO in the middle of a never-ending pandemic, this ghost hangs out at the foot of my bed year ‘round!) 

Anyhow! Like Casper, our Christmas Future ghost is usually a friendly one, which makes it a bit easier to welcome her long before those sugarplum fairies start filling up our dreamy dancecards. I just wish she didn’t insist on arriving so. dang. early, but alas! Things remain mightily unpredictable this year, so her arrival has been early indeed.  

 Covid: definitely still a thing. (Get that bivalent vax if you haven’t already! And a flu shot while you’re at it.) Supply chains? F*cked. (Sorry, that’s really the only appropriate word here.) Louis DeJoy? Still mucking things up over at the USPS, still raising prices. (WTF?!) And speaking of prices: they’re truly through the roof, across the board. We’ve seen our costs skyrocket like never before, which wasn’t a surprise but phew! It’s a lot. 

 In consideration of all this, we’re in full holiday mode here in DUMBO and nearly ready to start unveiling all kinds of giftable goodness to you, dear collectors. We’ve got newness from old faves, new faves destined to become classics, and loads of surprises along the way. We’ve also got those early deadlines that have become par for the course in these pandemic years, which we’ll be unpacking in greater detail later this month.  

 Our marquee Black Friday/Cyber Monday extravaganza is just over a month away—a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving—and will likely be your only chance to partake of significant discounts this year. And, while we’ve tried every which way to avoid it, there are likely some price increases in the offing soon too. So keep an eye on your inbox, and if you’ve got your eye on some groovy art already: the moment is NOW.  

 Last but not least, I wanna extend a heartfelt thanks to all of you for sticking with us through the years. Plenty of you have been around for all fifteen of ‘em, which: wow. To some of you, we’re still an exciting new discovery. And then there’s everyone in between. I can assure you that every single one of you makes a big difference to our small business, and we so appreciate your ongoing support of 20x200 and our artists