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Blast off! A new cosmic collage from Sally Deng 🚀

Sally Deng - The Spaceship
8"x10" ($35) | 11"x14" ($75) | 16"x20" ($260) | 20"x24"" ($750) | 24"x30" ($1350)

What better way to celebrate World Space Week than with our newest release, The Spaceship from award-winning 20x200 artist Sally Deng? Her menagerie of intrepid explorers brings us back to childhood wonderment and exploration, a time when flying to the moon was as simple as hopping into a cardboard box. Deng’s latest offers up some artful encouragement to look to the stars and remind ourselves of what is possible when we use our imagination, even as grown-ups.  

The Spaceship sets the scene: two young ones cast off (with their crew of three alert stuffed animals) on an upward trajectory to an unknown frontier, Space! Equipped with their helmets, hats and appropriate vessel, these explorers are on their way and ready for anything. The cut paper ship rises ever-so-slightly from the subtle wash of celestial light, as if in the final moments before blast off. Using soft tones of blues, purples, and whimsical drawing and collage markings, this particular ship’s rudimentary construction is purpose built for flights of fancy.

Deng’s work draws from the human experience and The Spaceship is no exception, depicting an enduring theme of childhood play that many of us can relate to. With increasingly fantastical space travel to Mars, the Moon and beyond now a very real thing, it’s easy to see how imagining these possibilities as a little might lead to a lifetime of ever-expanding exploration. 

The Spaceship transports us to a time before social media distractions, internet search engines or cynicism, evoking a nostalgia for childhood imagination and inspiring us to hold close a sense of wonder in the unknown.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200
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