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Tea for Two-sday: New from Lisa Congdon

Eat Happy by Lisa Congdon
20"x28" Tea Towel ($24)

Greetings, collectors! Staying hopeful ain’t easy these days, but if there’s one person whose work always makes us feel fired up and optimistic, it’s fine artist, illustrator, educator, author, and all-around awesome person Lisa Congdon. And if you, like us, have been spending more time in the kitchen lately to feast away those feelings, we’ve got a little something to brighten up your snacking space: Lisa Congdon Tea Towels! These sensational serviettes have long been 20x200 staff staples in our own kitchens. They're stunningly gorgeous and supremely giftable: a creative surprise for an arty hostess, a fun foundation for a foodie goodie bag, or simply a happy-making treat for your BFF.

Le Jardin by Lisa Congdon
20"x28" Tea Towel ($24)

 Made from 100% cotton, these bold and bright beauts are as practical as they are pretty. Eat Happy features Congdon’s signature poppy, blocky, colorful abstracts with a hint of lemon, while Le Jardin is a joyful ode to freshly picked produce for you garden-to-table gobblers. Snag one or both to instantly happify your home kitchen with Congdon’s plentiful positivity. 

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