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Virgos rejoice! Tidy art for your home

As summer comes to an end the best season begins— Virgo season! Meticulous and practical, Virgos raise the standard of perfection. Just take a look at our fellow Virgos: Michelle Hinebrook, who saturates her layered paintings with an exquisite amount of detail; Daniel Seung Lee, whose photographs elevate the beauty of reality; Bob O’ Connor, who captures gorgeous clouds with his keen eye; and Kent Rogowski, with his precise, endearing re-stuffed bears. Other Virgos in our midst include Roachele Negron of rayo & honey, Ky Anderson + Emily Nathan. Not to mention our very own founder, Jen Bekman! Born on September 5th, she launched 20x200 on her birthday in 2007 and the rest is (art) history. (Yes, we’re Virgos too!)

So let’s raise a glass to the Virgos in our life, those detail-oriented and committed perfectionists that brighten our days. We appreciate our Earth sign friends so much we’ve curated a satisfying selection of our most scrupulous prints. Tidy and terrific, this art is just Virgo-tastic. Time to reorganize the walls!