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Today’s the day for civic duty! We got tips.

Camp Nathan Hale (mess call) by Gordon Parks

Let’s be honest—the election’s the only thing on our mind today. We figure you probably feel the same, so we rounded up some very important voting tips for the day-of folks among us. We’re also sharing how we’ll be tracking election returns. Read on!

First thing’s first. If you haven’t already voted and have the privilege and ability to do so, find your polling place and come prepared—your state may require you to bring an ID or other documents. This ACLU page covers a lot of questions that could come up when you go to vote, like what to do if the polls close while you’re in line (stay in line!), if the machines are down (request a paper ballot!), or if a poll worker can’t find your registration. And don’t forget: it’s too late to mail an absentee ballot, so either drop it off in a designated location or vote in person and destroy the absentee ballot.

Think you’re witnessing or experiencing voter intimidation? This link runs through what qualifies and where to report it. Every state also has restrictions on political activities and campaigning at or near polling sites, which might include prohibiting political attire or accessories—that’s the case here in New York, for instance! Leave your political gear at home or a poll worker could turn you away.

Election results are gonna be delayed this year—full official counts could take several days in some states. That means hold tight, and be wary of any news outlet that tries to call the election early. Speaking of news … Our advice? Avoid getting your election results from the TV, where you might run into a heavier dose of stress-inducing sensationalization. (We all have enough to worry about without being whipped into a frenzy.) We’ll be tracking returns on PBS, fivethirtyeight, WaPo and NPR.

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