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Vote! Early, effectively, and like the VIP you are


Election Day is almost here. We know you know this—hopefully it’s been filling up your feed, inundating your inbox, and otherwise on your mind. If you have the ability and privilege, please vote! Tuesday, November 3rd is your time to shine.

If you voted early, bravo! If you haven’t, look into early voting in your area. If you’ve already mailed your absentee ballot, check that it’s been received and counted. If you haven’t mailed your absentee ballot yet, please drop it in person at a polling site (where possible) or designated dropbox—or consider voting in person, if you can! Many states allow you to change your mind. USPS's deadline for mailing absentee ballots was Tuesday 10/27, so in-person voting or in-person absentee drop-off is the way to go from here until Election Day if you wanna make sure your vote is counted.

So you’re voting IRL? Awesome! Mask-up, keep a safe-distance from your fellow civic-dutiful citizens, and be prepared for long lines. But don’t give up until you’ve cast that ballot! And if you see a long line, report it to Pizza to the Polls so they can send some sustenance. Fuel The People is also feeding folks. They’re specifically supplying DC & NYC voters in historically marginalized neighborhoods with food from local Black and POC-owned restaurants. Volunteer or donate if you wanna contribute.

If you encounter any voter intimidation along the way, know how and where to report it. And remember: it might be a while before we know the results of this unprecedented, mid-pandemic election. While we hold tight, we’re gonna be thinking about what it says in that Dorothea Lange edition above: This is your country—don’t let the big men take it away from you.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200