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Mellow Yellow: golden hues for sunny dispositions

Sun #1 by Jen Hewett

Just dropping by to say “yellow.” And you know why? Because it screams sunshine and summer. Because it’s the color of creativity, optimism, inspiration. Because it’s friendly and unexpected and a really fresh addition to any art collection. Because yellow’s got good vibes—and sometimes the perfect pick-me-up is a potent infusion of positive energy.

If you wanna soak up some rays year-round (SPF not required), direct your sun-worshipping to these warm, radiant artworks. In the mix you’ll find golden hours, bright locales, vehicles for vitamin-C, flora and fauna, meditative maps, and a creamy mound of butter, of course. See a few of our sunniest selects below, then head over here for more of those happy-making hues.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

Evening Sun by Emily Nathan

Fly TWA: Los Angeles, a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Expedition 42 Soyuz Landing, a 20x200 Space Edition

I found you kissing the sun by Morel Doucet

Yellow Pileup by Don Hamerman

Northeast LA by Lindsey Warren

Mound of Butter by Antoine Vollon

The moment is now by Fares Micue

Assembling B-25 bombers by Alfred T. Palmer

Cinema Paris by Juliane Eirich

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