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Artist Statement

Heart Flower Eyes Pair by Amber Vittoria - Artist Amber Vittoria's signature splashes of color are now snippable, mixable, and matchable. (Insert Heart Eyes emoji!)

Honey Bee Pair by Julia Rothman - People will be buzzing about this sweet little Tattly. 

Little Besties by Julia Rothman - Julia Rothman’s Besties gets downsized and multi-colored in the new Little Besties. Share half the Tattly with your BFF just like the lockets you had in third grade (or last year).

Soft Serve by Julia Rothman - What else could you ask for on a hot summer day (or, let's be honest, pretty much any time of year)? This delicious Tattly by Julia Rothman even comes with sprinkles!

Popsicles by Julia Rothman - Who doesn't love a delicious ice cream? The set includes four fun popsicles that are guaranteed not to melt away in the summer sun!

Peace and Love by Lisa Congdon - Make Peace and Love by Lisa Congdon, not war.

Love Blooms by Lisa Congdon - Everyone has the power to blossom and flower. Especially while wearing Love Blooms by Lisa Congdon!

Why We Love It

We’re all for wearable art in any form. What better way to level up your art appreciation than advertising it on the go? Besides, if you love art as much as us you’re prooooobably gonna run out of wall space eventually. So wear your art on your sleeve, and while you do that don’t forget one particularly personal, playful, mobile, affordable, endlessly adaptable blank slate: your skin! ... Read more on the blog!


Things are better in twos, no? Each Tattly design comes as a pair so you always have one for a friend. Or your other arm.

Heart Flower Eyes Pair by Amber Vittoria - 2.5"x3"
Honey Bee Pair by Julia Rothman - 1.5"x1.5"
Little Besties by Julia Rothman - 2"x2"
Soft Serve by Julia Rothman - 1.5"x3"


Tattly are safe and non-toxic, lasting on average 2-4 days. We suggest placing on oil-free areas where skin does not stretch and keep them clean!


Temporary tattoos designed by professional artists.
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