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Artist-designed temp tats! Cuz skin is in + art is on.

Temporary Tattoos by Tattly

We’re all for wearable art in any form. What better way to level up your art appreciation than advertising it on the go? Besides, if you love art as much as us you’re prooooobably gonna run out of wall space eventually. So wear your art on your sleeve, and while you do that don’t forget one particularly personal, playful, mobile, affordable, endlessly adaptable blank slate: your skin! 

Say hello to the newest addition to our wearable art offerings: Tattly temporary tattoos designed by 20x200 artists — right on time for all the toe-freeing, shoulder-revealing, belly-baring, leg-slipping days of summer. A fellow Brooklyn-based biz and arts-supporting comrade-in-arms, Tattly kicks back a cut of every sale to the artists who create their designs. ‘Cause we can’t resist an opportunity to give you more ways to adore art by 20x200 artists, we hand-picked pieces dreamed up by Julia Rothman, Adam J. Kurtz, Lisa Congdon, and Amber Vittoria.

These temp tats are fun for the whole fam. Cool artwork from acclaimed artists makes them adult-friendly and definitely deserving of prime real estate on that skin you’re whipping out now that the weather’s nice. And when that pool/ocean/cold shower calls you, it’s worth noting that these babies are waterproof, with 2-4 days of lasting power. Of course the wee ones will be pleased as punch to play canvas to these mini masterpieces, and we don’t know a parent out there who’s not looking for some ways to keep kiddos entertained these days. Let them unleash their creativity on a stack of stickable art and become their own ambulatory art gallery. Tattlys are worry-free — safe, non-toxic, printed with vegetable-based ink, and easily removable.

Whether you snag a few Pairs (2 of each style), some Sheets (multiple designs) or this Set of 8 iconic NYC images, you’ll get a hit of happiness that’s equal parts noncommittal and committed to celebrating awesome art. Get some skin in your art game!

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

P.S. A reminder: we’re donating 10% of our profits from June sales to Equal Justice Initiative, in support of their fight against racial and economic injustice in America. 

Tattoo Sheets by Tattly
Set of 2 Sheets ($10)

Tattoo Pairs by Tattly
1 Pair ($5)

New York Set - Julia Rothman by Tattly
Set of 8 ($15)

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