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Tattoo Sheets

  • $10.00

Miscellany Sheet by Lisa Congdon - 

This groovy assortment of Lisa Congdon designs is full of hidden good luck charms and tiny Tattly to trim and share. 

Mixed Feelings Sheet by Adam J. Kurtz - Everything will be ok. Especially with this new Tattly sheet from Adam J. Kurtz to remind you that nothing is Forever. Good things happen. Love is real! 

We’re all for wearable art in any form. What better way to level up your art appreciation than advertising it on the go? Besides, if you love art as much as us you’re prooooobably gonna run out of wall space eventually. So wear your art on your sleeve, and while you do that don’t forget one particularly personal, playful, mobile, affordable, endlessly adaptable blank slate: your skin! ... Read more on the blog! 

Each Sheet comes as a set of 2 4"x6" sheets. Open, snip, snip, add water, repeat. Tattly sheets come with multiple designs to trim up and place anywhere you’d like.

Tattly are safe and non-toxic, lasting on average 2-4 days. We suggest placing on oil-free areas where skin does not stretch and keep them clean!