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by Joan LeMay

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Artist Statement

Do you want to know what the best thing to have for your breakfast is? THE ORIGINAL BREAKFAST DECIDER is here to help!

Why We Love It

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then LeMay’s 2”x2” cubed DECIDERS are your (downright adorable) direct route to success. Sold as a set of two, these hand-painted wooden dice are “dealer’s choice”—each die is one-of-a-kind, featuring different food combos, which means you won’t know which delicacies you’re destined for until your personal pair arrives at your door. The surprise is half the fun, so don’t be silly and ask for a set with a specific food item. They’re all equally excellent! Five of the six sides of each die are graced with LeMay’s bold, thickly outlined breakfast selections. Her colorful, classic morning meal inspo includes bagels, bacon, coffee, croissants, egg dishes, assorted fruit, cereal, donuts, toast and myriad other breakfasty treats. But each die also has one side with what LeMay calls “a whammy”, ie) an oddball or inedible item that reminds us to lighten up a little. An old shoe, some marbles, the sky … you get the idea. After all, these clever dice are meant to help you nourish your soul as much as your body, and sometimes that means a playful romp in the absolutely absurd ... Read more on the blog!


+ BREAKFAST DECIDERS are sold as a set of 2 dice.
+ Each die measures 2"x2" cubed—a supersized dice set.
+ Each die is hand-painted and one-of-a kind. They are "dealer's choice" ie) we are not able to accommodate requests for specific die/food items. But don’t worry, every single one is awesome and the surprise makes them more fun.
+ This is an edition of 100. There are only 100 BREAKFAST DECIDERS dice pairs in existence!
+ All orders for this edition are final sale and not eligible for discount or return.


Wood and acrylic paint

Joan LeMay

Joan LeMay (American, b. 1979 in Houston, Texas) is a portraitist and illustrator who is interested in pattern, gesture and Byzantine halos. She loves painting people, animals, plants and things (a kind of anthropomorphic approach to portraiture) in equal measure, and packs referential objects, color-based symbolism and other subject-specific elements into the busy backgrounds of her work in order to reflect the soul and life of the subject depicted. She is currently focusing on work that celebrates what soothes us (and what soothed her in her childhood)--over-the-top portraits of beloved TV and pop culture personalities and public role models, food,... Read More
fellow artists, and portraiture of medications. The medication work is also designed to help those who rely on medications to celebrate the existence of treatments instead of feeling stigmatized for having to take anything in the first place. She also takes pet portraiture and memorial portraiture very seriously.
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