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Joan LeMay’s “Breakfast Deciders” dice are looking like a snack.

by Joan LeMay

Set of 2 ($60)

Decision fatigue is real and breakfast is required: those two truths and a delightful touch of dark humor come together under the effervescent direction of artist Joan LeMay to bring you a brand new, hand-painted object edition: THE ORIGINAL BREAKFAST DECIDERS. And their all-caps title echoes the extreme degree of our excitement. Just think of the precious brain space preserved when you delegate your sustenance to these oversized dice. Distracted by disaster? Overwhelmed by work-from-home weirdness? Election occupying your mind? Give your set of exclusive (there’s only 100 pairs in existence!) BREAKFAST DECIDERS a roll and they’ll decide your morning menu for you. Sanity may be lost, but at least breakfast is saved.

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then LeMay’s 2”x2” cubed DECIDERS are your (downright adorable) direct route to success. Sold as a set of two, these wooden dice with original artwork are “dealer’s choice”—each die is one-of-a-kind, featuring different food combos, which means you won’t know which delicacies you’re destined for until your personal pair arrives at your door. The surprise is half the fun, so don’t be silly and ask for a set with a specific food item. They’re all equally excellent! Five of the six sides of each die are graced with LeMay’s bold, thickly outlined breakfast selections. Her colorful, classic morning meal inspo includes bagels, bacon, coffee, croissants, egg dishes, assorted fruit, cereal, donuts, toast and myriad other breakfasty treats. But each die also has one side with what LeMay calls “a whammy”, ie) an oddball or inedible item that reminds us to lighten up a little. An old shoe, some marbles, the sky … you get the idea. After all, these clever dice are meant to help you nourish your soul as much as your body, and sometimes that means a playful romp in the absolutely absurd.

If you’re familiar with LeMay’s print editions, then you know her artwork often revolves around celebrating the small things that soothe us and keep us going—whether that’s tv personalities, prescription drugs, or simply feeding ourselves. To appreciate those sometimes inconspicuous sources of ease, joy or encouragement and acknowledge the need for support is an exercise in self-compassion. THE ORIGINAL BREAKFAST DECIDERS are another enthusiastic LeMay invitation to find the beauty in vulnerability, and the comforting humor in embracing the fact that, today, you might be a hot mess. Food for thought.

So let’s say you’re stumbling out of bed to face a day of Zoom meetings, a bemasked subway ride, or your everyday floating anxiety. These babies have your back. Or maybe you want breakfast for dinner—what is time anyway these days? If these dice don’t make the mental work of mealtime a little easier, at the very least they’ll give you a good laugh when you roll “gross sponge.” Just remember: When you collect your dice, you’ll want to heed LeMay’s crucial usage instructions, such as “upon awakening, become confused about what to have for breakfast” and “roll your THE ORIGINAL BREAKFAST DECIDERS, but not so far that you cannot find where them.” After all, as LeMay notes, “THE ORIGINAL BREAKFAST DECIDERS are the only and best way to decide upon what to have for your breakfast,” so you won’t wanna lose them.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

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